Our Story

DangerGirl is a near-futuristic themed erotic photo novella and noir style story collection focusing on the individuality of danger through a series of characters who inhabit The City of Dolls, a world where the seedy underbelly of life is verdant with sexual delicacies. 

About DangerGirl

DangerGirlx is a Photo Novella that brings together the allure of erotica with noir storytelling. It is is a unique blend of tasteful art and captivating stories that span multiple genres, including romance, horror, and adventure. Set in the universe that those who live in it calls Danger City or the City of Dolls. This project offers a raw and unfiltered glimpse into a world teeming with crime, violence, and eroticism. Occasionally, it provides a quiet, intimate moment away from the city’s chaos with a bit of life.

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Our Vision

DangerGirlx began as mature adult art photography, catering to those with a sophisticated palate for unrestrained artistic expression. While it features elements of erotica and adult themes, the project’s true essence lies in its commitment to uncensored, unrestricted art where anything goes. Our goal is to push boundaries and explore new narratives, ultimately growing into a comprehensive photo novella with visual storytelling through photography and comic art. We want to build a world that allows flexibility in storytelling while maintaining continuity in The City of Dolls.

Our Stories

Danger City is a near-futuristic, neon-noir metropolis where the seedy underbelly of life is alive with sensual encounters and dangerous liaisons. Through a series of interconnected mini-stories, we introduce readers to a diverse cast of characters, each navigating the complexities of this ambient and perilous but beautiful world. Inspired by real-life experiences of our models, these stories blend non-fictional elements with fictional narratives to create an authentic experience.

Our Media

DangerGirlx has grown from a collection of erotic photo art into a multi-faceted media project. We now offer mature podcasts, or “Audio Novellas,” that plays into the lives of women in Danger City. Accompanied by soundtracks, audio stories, and evocative artwork, our photo novellas aim to build a rich, immersive universe for our audience. Our vision includes expanding into fashion, creating a distinctive aesthetic that complements the photo comic universe.

Join Us

DangerGirlx is a passion project about unfiltered creativity. We invite you to our community and immerse yourself in stories. We value your opinion so visit our blog section as we share our ongoing plans and developments. 

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