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If you’re a photographer or an artist, we invite you to collaborate with DangerGirlx! We are a Photo Novella project creating emotional stories. Our work blends the allure of erotica with noir storytelling across genres from romance to horror and more, set in the world of Danger City, also known as the City of Dolls.

Have fun with us in creating compelling visual narratives and gain exposure for your work.

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Photography Collaboration with DangerGirlx

Photography Collaboration: DangerGirlx is something a little different than your typical photography project. It blends the allure of erotica with the intrigue of noir storytelling through photo novellas. We are excited to extend an invitation to photographers or artists who share our passion for artistic expression and storytelling to collaborate with us and become part of our creative community.

Submission Guidelines: We welcome photographers, artists, and creators to submit their work to be featured on our platform. We maintain an exclusive entry, so to ensure coherence and thematic consistency, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Thematic Alignment: Photos must match the themes and aesthetics of our stories, which include elements of erotica, romance, horror, adventure, and the noir ambiance of Danger City.
  • Story Integration: Accepted photos will be featured in the specific stories for which they were created, adding depth and visual appeal to our photo novellas. High-quality work only.

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Modeling Opportunities and Photography Collaboration - Goblin Goddesss hunched on the couch

Benefits for Photographers

Benefits for Photographers: By participating in a photography collaboration with DangerGirlx, photographers gain several benefits:

  • Credit and Exposure: Your work will be credited and promoted through our social media channels and other platforms, driving traffic and recognition to your portfolio.
  • Future Collaboration Models: We plan to introduce an innovative model using NFTs linked to fractional shares. Creators who collaborate on our projects will receive fractional shares of the profits whenever their work generates income. While this is in future planning stages, we are committed to creating a sustainable and rewarding ecosystem for our collaborators.

Current Collaboration Focus: At present, our primary focus is on building a collaborative and creative community. By working together, we aim to establish a robust system where models, photographers, and artists can contribute to and enhance the continuity of the DangerGirlx project. Our goal is to foster an environment of mutual support and creativity, ensuring that every contributor feels valued and inspired.

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Join us in creating compelling visual stories that push the boundaries of artistic expression. Together, we can build a world where every image tells a story, and every story captivates the imagination. Embrace the opportunity for photography collaboration with DangerGirlx and become a part of our inspiring community.

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How to Apply and Submit

If you are a photographer interested in collaborating with us, we would love to hear from you! Please send us your portfolio along with a brief introduction about yourself and how your work aligns with our themes. You can also submit your work here to be approved.

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